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✧ 「 I’d like to first start off by apologizing for my inactivity. Unfortunately my only days off are Monday and Tuesday so I don’t really get a chance to properly rp until then. Things are safely tucked in my drafts though so I’ll try to get to them Sunday night. Thank you so much for understanding.~ 」

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raconteur ✧「EVENT + PETER」

↳ LOADING:【✵: sera】➤【✴: peter】

The sound of a static broadcast floated down from the ceiling, as entirely illogical as that seemed. The voice seemed familiar somehow… ]

「 Welcome to Destiny Land’s beautiful Mystery Castle.
The story to be told now…
…is that of a beautiful princess and two princes.
What dramatic conclusion awaits you along this path?
Now, open the door, and watch the tale unfold…
Let us depart on a journey of mystery and adventure!」

The transmission faded away… ]

Dark loose curls fell past her shoulders, dressed in a gown of pink and white, fully embroidered with frills and lined with pearls. Seeing the stranger, she got the same twist in her stomach when she spotted a shooting star- when something beyond her reach, something otherworldly, crossed her path. A delicate response paused just shy of rolling off her lips, eyes wide, a question hitched at the edge of her gentle smile.


❝Oh! I hadn’t expected company today…❞ She walked forward, gliding as she had been taught, over the lush carpet, a poised hand out for him to take. She was a princess, after all, as much as a host. How their story would play out, no one could quite know. ❝But it is a pleasure to meet you either way, dearest traveler. Might I ask from what kingdom you hail from? Perhaps the east or is it the west? Forgive me, for I cannot seem to place you among my usual subjects… ❞

[ Choose wisely… ]

It's dangerous to pretend to be someone you're not... 
But isn't it our weaknesses that make us stronger?
◉ No, the statement itself is laced with deception. 
◉ Yes, the beauty of a battered heart is its refusal to stop beating.

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          ➵ "I just s-said it w-was a-ancient.”

❝W-well… Um, ancient doesn’t tend to have a positive connotation and it can’t really help it so…? Ah- I’m sorry. I’m not sure what possessed me to just… speak out like that.❞

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                                                      RANK-UP INITIATED »

                                                      [ NOBODY » CITIZEN ]

          ➵ "…. Th-This phone is a-ancient."

❝That’s not nice, mister! What’d the phone do to insult you?❞

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{ 炎帝 } ► last night in high society, i know | EVENT + CHALLENGE



Out on the terrace overlooking the grand courtyards and high walls, Kouen waited and waited. The air was crisp and chill. Summer neared its end, and autumn would soon with upon them in leaves of gold and red. For hours, he saw nothing coming from the horizon; no garish litters or scouts on horseback. The third hourly gongs rang, reverberating from every corridor to the outside. Kouen rolled his eyes and cracked his stiff neck. The eunuchs alleged the dignitary hailed from the Reim Empire, a formidable foe to the west. But the prince was indifferent to prestige.


“Does the fool think himself king? All this trouble for a courtesy visit,” Kouen snorted and went back inside to where it was warm. He stared at the ostentatious carpets absentmindedly and let his thoughts wander.

Quiet footsteps unexpectedly came from the back. A lone silhouette—their outline was not of Kou fashion or of past assassins—loomed behind another set of lattice doors. Furrowing his brow, Kouen stippled his fingers against the hilt of his blade. How did the envoy worm their way out alone? The eunuchs and court ladies circled him like vultures, minding every twitch of his fingers. Surely, a dignitary from Reim would be with a few guards or handmaidens.


As doors opened, Kouen knelt at once, his hands clasped together in greeting. “Your servant kneels before you. A dignitary should not wander alone in the imperial palace.”

Quite suddenly, she felt the world change. The sky shifted and the earth quaked with the kind of tremor that could only mean that the very fabric of the universe had been broken down and reformed just so that this event could take place. A new world had seemingly opened in front of her and proved to be gravely out of her comfort zone. She looked down to see she had been wrapped in the finest silk, fabric the purest of whites with a soft ruffled lining that cascaded from her sleeves past her fingertips, complete with a collar trimmed with gold.

And though the details were unclear to her, the statement that broke the silence was welcomed though unfortunately not enough to explain what had just happened. She silently wondered if the broad-shouldered man was being completely genuine or perhaps with great height came a more bleak sense of humor.

❝Servant…? D-Dignitary? Im..Im-Imperial?❞ There was a trill in her voice born of sheer confusion, but the squaring of her shoulders attempted to subvert its message. A pause as she considered how to continue, though she didn’t figure she would ever have enough time to recollect her thoughts. A small tinge of pink lit up her cheeks in embarrassment.


❝I-I would never consider you as such… a servant? That doesn’t feel right. I’d much rather we be equals if anything… Though I understand that… that might be asking for too much. Um, may I know your name, sir? An-And ask why are you… offering to help me like this?❞

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dhvani ✧「EVENT + ASCH」

↳ LOADING:【✵: sera】➤【✴: asch】

Once the initial candidates had been removed through the first experiments, time came for more intensive studies to find those of the remaining few with the cyber shaman ability. Sera had qualified, assigned a number instead of a name. Number 019.

There was a slow burn that started in the eyes and pulled her in. A dim ember that casted no true light, it just burned slowly at the edges until her view of the outside world was gone.

The fluid appeared deceptively light and weightless from above, but immersed, she understood her error as a heaviness swept over her. A force that she had become too familiar with pried her mind slowly. Staring directly into the face of God, but even then she still didn’t understand. The girl was more afraid than she had ever been. A surge of pain shot throughout her lithe frame, setting every nerve on fire, and amidst the cry that erupted from her throat, she knew. To make sure she would never stray from their orders, they wiped away all that was considered unnecessary and instilled a sacrificial complex. She had survived but she hadn’t passed. Day after day in a machine naked and hooked up to God, she was suppose to stop the horrid cycle.

Trickling water on the smooth, dry floor, her hospital gown stuck to every curve of her body as small fingers curled themselves into knots trying to find warmth in the thin fabric. Energy drained, limbs ached from the excruciating pain, almost electrifying the young girl. The stark white room stood empty except for her, when she heard a door click and saw a head of hair colored a shade of unmistakable bright red.


❝A-Asch…!❞ Tightness of the passage of air seemed to momentarily disable her breathing pattern, a brief attack of anxiety. She was a deer in headlights, shoulders hunched, trembling. ❝What are you doing? Y-You’re not allowed to be here until you’ve gone through the initial synchronization. If you get caught, you’ll get in trouble. Are- Are you hiding from them? We can’t let them find you!❞

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meliorism ✧「EVENT + GILGAMESH | KANDA」

↳ LOADING:【✵: sera】➤【✴: gilgamesh】➤【✴: kanda】

Sera was almost always lost in a world of her own, believed whatever reality she immersed herself in so thoroughly as though it was as plain as the stars dotting the canvas of night or the rain that fell from the sky. Her mind refused to be entirely shut down, far too dynamic, having lived within itself for nearly five years. She could use only her thoughts to create majesty from nothing, to think and have it to be.

The song that escaped her lips was soothing, voice light and melodious by nature, as she took each piece out, careful fingers brushing off the fine layer of dust that had settled. She owned a little piece of something where everything could be played out, peering inside day after day. Hinges connected the walls that allowed a panel of the dollhouse to break away and open, revealing the detailed interior, an impressive replicate of her own home in shades of soft pinks and pastels.


She found two plastic figures inside, their tiny faces lacking any real distinguishing expressions. Almost positively blank, simple eyes, the molding indicating a nose, and an indented line made to portray the mouth. But regardless, she never felt more aware and she giggled despite her own confusion.

One of the figures, with long dark hair and an indent that curved downward, gave the appearance of a scowl. She remembered him, vaguely, for always undoubtedly making her heart flutter, but his name didn’t come as quick as it should have in that moment. She placed him in the living room, along with the other figure, his exact opposite, boisterous and bright with a presence that demanded to be known, keeping a safe distance between them, knowing they didn’t get along.

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✵ host files ✧ 「 R ● A ● M 」



She’s not fully there, but she’s very real. Someone you watch, someone you use, someone you mourn. She was made for love, but love was not made for her. Digital data is encoded into the very electrical impulses that flow through her brain and nerves, responding to her will. That is what the Cyber Shaman is.
     ↳ access subject 019’s laboratory memories? [Y/N]


Tiny white flowers embroidered in a the pink bodice make her look like the princess other girls dreamt of growing up to be. A young woman was born with a very special power, destiny set before she had a chance to take in her first breath. But the light in her eyes seems off, her mind might be brighter but better off broken. The wrong answer could set you off the path to find out the answers you seek. 
     ↳ access subject 019’s coordinate 136 memories? [Y/N]


Her home is the closest thing to haven, to safety, that she knows of. Immortalized with her ideal memories, perfection lies on the surface, but there’s more that lies beyond all the miniature furniture and plastic. 
     ↳ run subject 019’s dollhouse program? [Y/N]


Though she’s not one to have a conventional sort of life, she’s happier now than she’s ever been before. No one is every harmed, no one is ever truly unhappy, after all, everything can be resolved within the allotted 22 minutes between commercial breaks. But the truth all comes out eventually; when would she realize that this is all just another show?
     ↳ run subject 019’s【░░░░░░░】program? [Y/N]

If you find any of these ideas interesting, please message me and we can discuss! I’ll be limiting the number of interactions due to personal time constraints and work but I’ll try my best to accommodate everyone. Thank you!~ 

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✧ 「 We all know what’s under this read more… Laughs nervously. 」

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          —➶—} Perturbation sat quelled in the pit of his stomach, some reduced to their britches or bare nothings in the wake of a sweltering haze assailing the city. It wasn’t unusual; he’d grown up in this kind of heat, though he couldn’t say the same for the accompanying humidity. Daryl seated himself just short of a lake nestled amidst Sector oo6's forestation, aptly shaded, flanked by the pavement that seamed every park. It accommodated the strolls of the many that frequented the place, fixing to breathe an air unlike the city's fumes. Mattered none to him— so long as they weren't looking to conversate, he'd pay them no mind.


Footwear aside, the hems of his trousers tucked clear his knees, the younger Dixon perched at the edge and submerged his feet in the cool lick of water below. At least he’d avoided the flood of traffic making for the city’s pools.

People were hustling about their days, but the petite shaman paid no mind, fixated on whatever passing object that caught her attention, stuck within her whimsical daydreams as she tried to recover from her weary state of mind. So fragile, yet already pent up with burdens and caution, defense and avoidance had always been her strength but she recognized that a person who placed themselves willingly in isolation was in danger of losing themselves. Ahead she saw a man and pure curiosity flickered across her pale features, already feeling herself moving towards him.

With no invitation, she sat herself beside him, hugging knees close to her chest. Some people preferred to be more solitary than others, that she understood, and though she wondered why he had discarded his shoes to submerge his bare feet in water, silence was sometimes the best gift a person could give when they offered simple companionship. Adjusting herself to be more comfortable, she mimicked him, removing worn boots and socks to set them by her side, but waited as if hoping to receive further instructions. 

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This girl, so seemingly harmless and yet so incredibly dangerous at the same time. She's a disastrous gift to humanity.

subject 019: seraphita angel
location: housing in sector oo5 with gilgamesh
rank: savior
abilities: can sing prayer & possesses unlimited use of data manipulation
jobs: manager at just desserts & personal assistant to charles xavier
pet: a rescued tabby named siduri
tracked tag: cybershaman

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「stray child」