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✧ 「 Just a heads up that as of right now I’ll be going into full hiatus! I’ve got quite a bit going on and since it’s been tricky to navigate on my own, I’m hoping on dedicating my full attention to it to make sure things go smoothly. I plan to return in maybe two weeks, give or take, but I’ll be working on my threads offline for the time being. Thanks for understanding, guys~ If you need me, you can reach me on my personal! ❤ 

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Once you’ve been tagged list 6 things you and your muse have in common and 6 things you don’t. Then pass this along to some other people.


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6 Similarities between Mun and Muse?


  1. We both generally can get along with most anyone. It’s not uncommon that I make friends with people outside the social circle I’m expected to be in. 
  2. Both possess short hair that people tend to identify us by. Used to have the same color too but now I’m sporting a purple.
  3. We tend to look for the best in people, ignoring their past and focusing on the now. We don’t care for rumors and rocky first impressions. I like to get to know them better personally before casting an opinion. Positivity reigns!
  4. We have an innate curiosity for things we don’t understand and grasp new concepts quickly. Always looking to learn and not afraid to ask questions.
  5. I’m extremely protective and loyal to those I’m closest to. I prioritize their happiness and well being over others.
  6. You can find us singing or humming to ourselves quite often because we don’t deal too well with absolute silence when we’re alone.


6 Differences between Mun and Muse?


  1. I’m extremely outspoken and won’t hesitate to say what’s on my mind. I can’t say I’m very secretive either. If you reasonably ask me something, pretty big chance I’ll have an answer for you.
  2. Sera is a cat person while I’m a dog person. I adore the fluff balls of cute but I’m allergic to felines so I try to avoid them because I feel super icky when they are around. :c
  3. I cannot use data manipulation abilities to translate languages but I can speak and read Spanish fluently thanks to learning it alongside English as a child.
  4. I’m only decent with technology until it decides to rebel against me. A lot of what I write is complete technobabble I try to keep consistent to the little info I’m given in canon.
  5. I curse like I breathe air. Though I do show restraint, the better you know me, the more obvious that I possess a spunky potty mouth is. Spanish curse words tend to get sprinkled in there.
  6. Haven’t yet found solid evidence that I’m actually an artificial human created solely to be sacrificed at the alter for the good of humanity with a hidden power within me that possess the potential to destroy the world. That and I don’t think God and I are homies.

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She had such a fascination with hair, wanting to run her fingers through it; braid it, comb it, brush it. She loved it’s soft texture and found that it was often that the hair spoke of a person. It seemed that Ibuki’s hair told everyone how ‘punk rock’ she was. Gaze trained on the small foul smelling bowl in her lap, she learned more or less that the energetic rocker spent a good amount of time getting it to it’s ‘top tier punk rockiness’. Sera raised a hand to fiddle with her bangs. She had let her hair grow out a little and she had to admit it was looking a bit disheveled. But how had a simple trim turned into this?


The shaman squirmed as gloved fingers gently raked through short strands, shivering when a strip of cold hair dye met her scalp.❝Are you sure about this, Ibuki? I-I’m fine with my black hair really…❞ Hesitation claimed her bones and she bit her lip in a state of unease, not wanting to accidentally hurt the older girl’s feelings. ❝Ah, um, don’t misunderstand. I appreciate it… but I don’t do very well with change.❞

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…-Allen?It was barely a whisper that escaped her lips. His head was ducked down, inspecting the various specials showcased in the window of the display, partially obscuring his face from her sight. When he looked up, there was an audible gasp, her shoulders tightening immediately. This was a different Allen, she could pick up on that much, not the one her Kanda was familiar with. The faintest shade of pink tinted pale skin. She wasn’t sure what to do, but opted to pick up a plate, turning the dish absentmindedly in her hands as she moved to meet him.


A smile bloomed, wilted, and struggled through the winter of her doubts to try again. This wasn’t a matter that concerned her personally, she had to keep to her own business. The thought twisted her gut painfully.W-Welcome to… Just Desserts. Um… Please help yourself to anything you’d like. I’ll- I’ll make sure to take care of it.She was familiar with his eating habits, but regardless words continued to spill over. I’m sure you must be starving… Would you like to sit at a table?

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Debating between lavender or coconut oil, this new recipe was an entirely new revelation to her, but she was warming up to experimenting in the kitchen to come up with new desserts. A dark figure came closer drawing her eyes inexplicably to his form. She traced the harsh scars and scratches on his hands with her roving gaze. Sera swayed a little, as if the soles of her feet were inadequate to hold her. She didn’t mean to fidget but old habits were hard to break, an obvious nervousness about her. She offered the warmth of a smile in hopes that he wouldn’t mind her interjection, a silent apology for her staring.


Um, I-I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before…? If you’re looking for something specific, I would be happy to help. I love exploring the market place for new ingredients and the vendors are all incredibly kind…❞ 

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She looked like a child of the woods with bramble for hair and twigs nestled between the creases of her dress. Leaves of multiple shades of the waning summer trailed behind her, flower petals in white and pink littering her short raven hair. There was a streak of mud across her cheek, dirt caking the soles of her boots, and with bangs matted to her face; a light sweat prominent at her hair line. But despite the layer of nature that covered her from head to toe, nothing could hide her beaming smile.


I’m such a mess, aren’t I…? I must look awful.There’s a small giggle and with gentle hands, she reached down to create a platform for a now more miniaturized version of her tree friend. Ah! But um, I can’t wait to show you what I made, Mister Groot. I hope you’ll like it. I just thought that it was dangerous for you not to have a place of your own at this size…It’s a bit of a silly concern but really I enjoyed working on it, so it was no problem at all.❞ 

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Without trying, she could hear the flittering of creatures all around her, easing her weary mind and setting it to rest. Gazing out curiously towards the shining waters, she released a tiny paper boat, watching as it voyaged out into the depths of the lake, driven forward by the light wind. It was fragile, one mistake and something could go wrong but it ventured towards its unknown destination easily. Carefully she sat by the edge, hugging her knees to her chest to rest her chin upon them. Data prickled cautiously in her veins. There was a slight wince, a serrated exhale, and a tremor up her spine. She was not alone. 


❝M-Mister Kazama…? Please excuse my intrusion, I-I’ll leave right away. I didn’t expect for anyone to be around this part of the city…❞ 

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A petite hand paused briefly in the air, delicate fingers poised barely an inch away from the man’s back. Her mouth parted for a moment and then closed again. Teeth slowly worried her bottom lip, gaze now heavy as it slowly lowered to meet with her pigeon toed stance. Grey eyes wandered to the toy in her hands, embarrassment remaining along her features. For someone to misplace such a beautiful doll with wavy light blond hair, bright blue eyes, and pretty pink cheeks… Sera was much too old to play with the doll anymore, a woman of 18 years, not a child of 7, but regardless knew that somewhere a young girl probably missed her doll dearly.


Ah!- Sorry for bothering you, but- …Have you seen anyone who might have lost a doll? It’d like to return it to them, hopefully before they realize it’s gone… ❞ 

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Send me ± for a headcanon about our characters.


✧ 「 Sera began to notice Grimmjow having some moments where he struggled with reading or writing. Being fully aware of his dislike of weaknesses being brought up, his refusal of being helped, and his usual disinterest regarding the subjects, she subtly (or so she thought) worked in little exercises when they happened to interact. It varied from asking him to read signs or directions to writing down short lists. She didn’t care that he thought she was stupid for not being able to do things herself, as long as she was assisting somehow, her pride could take a heavy beating. After some time, she grew bolder, occasionally leaving behind books that might appeal to him or turning on the closed captioning on his television. The second he caught on, he promptly told her to stop and inevitably she did as she was told. But on the plus side, she noticed a slight improvement and she was pretty happy with that. 」

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For every " ♅ " in my askbox, I'll name one of my character's 


✧ 「 It’s next to impossible to push Sera into anger, and if for whatever reason she’s put into a position with intentions to have her feel anger, she would never allow herself the freedom to express it. It’s not an emotion she’s comfortable with and in her mind, it’s something only others are allowed to feel. In her experience, horrible things have happened when she felt any extreme amounts of negative emotions so in response, she trained herself to suppress it. Though normally she’s a highly expressive individual, she does possess the skill to shut down her emotions in stressful situations as a sort of failsafe. After 5 years, she’s perfected keeping it under a tight lid, resorting to either showing fear or sadness in place of anger. However, the moment a person brings the idea of harming someone she cares about or even simply speaking ill of them, she will call them out on it and politely (almost forcefully) ask them to stop. It’s nearly automatic and sometimes reckless, increasing the chances of putting herself in unnecessary danger. 」

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This girl, so seemingly harmless and yet so incredibly dangerous at the same time. She's a disastrous gift to humanity.

subject 019: seraphita angel
location: housing in sector oo5 with gilgamesh
rank: savior
abilities: can sing prayer & possesses unlimited use of data manipulation
jobs: manager at just desserts & personal assistant to charles xavier
pet: a rescued tabby named siduri
tracked tag: cybershaman

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