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Look at this precious baby, she worked so hard on that sign.

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♛ | Baby’s first roar [ ca event / open ]


The tiny creature is resilient.

It could take all of his booming vitriol, his hurtful jabs from the end of a narrow boot and would still toddle after him. He sensed that father was more perplexed than annoyed when the pain manifested in both of them, startling him. 

After imprinting, instinct kept him following close behind. The hollow cub knew of no one else to latch onto. It didn’t trust anyone else; it only recognized his scent, his voice. Everyone else is a stranger.

So the frustrated cub cried out for his attention again, rumbling incessantly. Tiny claws finally snagged the end of father’s billowy pantleg. 


Grimmjow snatched up the cub by the scruff of its neck, pulling it to his level. 

"—'The fuck do you want?!


He didn’t have a history of positive experiences with animals. But somehow, he started to understand. The cub was not threatened, but it was growing louder. A long, agitated growl made his ears ring. Maybe, if he fed the damn thing, it would stop being so obnoxious.

The day had begun too surreal for her tastes and she was determined to achieve at least one coherent activity to calm her already scrambled brain. It felt like she had lost her footing somewhere and her only solution was to find a distraction. It was times like these that she noticed her mind analyzing the ways in which she could interact with people, suspecting that their problems were infinitely easier to solve than her own. She just wanted to feel useful again.

The cry of an animal was heard before the too familiar warrior was seen gruffly holding up a small and seemingly defenseless creature. The shaman didn’t even bother to properly consider current circumstances before she started to run towards the Hollow. 

"Grimmjow! Please don’t-" As she caught up to him, her mouth remained parted as she tried to regulate her breathing, the quick rise and fall of her chest a tell tale sign of her racing heart. Though intimidated and simultaneously questioning her actions, she hesitated only slightly before searching his face for permission to act, but despite better judgement, concerned gaze instead flickered to look at the cub in his rough grip, “Please don’t hurt him. Is he bothering you? I can-“ 

Sera stopped almost mid-word, noticing the vivid shade of blue of the feline’s eyes and grasping at straws, made a desperate connection to halt his actions, “He looks… Is this…? Where did you find him?”

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Bless this tag. 


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incipient ✧「EVENT / DRABBLE 」

Childlike innocence began to take over, Sera breathed out, letting most of her emotions rule over her mind as the golden shell fell to pieces. Her heart suddenly felt like a field of fault lines she should be careful walking through, as cobwebs of doubt grew themselves artfully in her head, creating a layer of uncertainty around everything she thought she understood.


She stood there staring until her eyes welled with tears, insides aching at the vision so much. Her small hands pressed against the glass enclosure, head bowed down, her back bending like that of a broken bow. Rushing to wrap her lithe arms around the miniature version of EGG filled with amniotic fluid, she melted into it like wax under a flame.

There was only a heartbeat, contracting inside the cage of the other’s ribs, drumming longingly for a wish. Empty walls mocked and silence resounded. It haunted her, even now, but she still held it in the dark, clinging to the memories and those moments, waiting to pull her under into the abyss of her own anxiety of things that were no longer relevant.

To find out that the infant inside was some form of herself from the past, before all the hurt, before her body started to give up on her. But even then, still a fragile and impossibly tiny body, curled up and connected to glowing wires and cables to keep her alive. Taking her out would certainly take it’s toll, her body’s clock would start again, too fast. The risk was too great.

She brushed her cheeks with her sleeves and brought herself back to the present. As she parted her lips to sing, the familiarity of the song wasn’t completely lost on her, though it was a melody she couldn’t place. It didn’t hold the significance Prayer did, but it’s meaning was stuck on the tip of her tongue. It’s only a temporary alleviation, a way to free her heart from this horrible feeling.

Movement of someone beyond the other side and the rotation of the doorknob made her heart constrict. Her face was pale and ethereal, grey eyes squeezed shut, willing everything to disappear, "I-I’m terribly sorry but- Please… Can I be left alone? I can’t… I don’t want this. It hurts. I just need to be alone."

She craved some form of comfort but wasn’t ready to face whoever was on the other side.

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[mini event] Nativity.


na·tiv·i·ty  (nə-tĭv′ĭ-tē, nā-)
n. pl. na·tiv·i·ties
1. Birth, especially the place, conditions, or circumstances of being born.
2. Nativity
3.  a horoscope at or of the time of one’s birth
4.  the place of origin

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ailurophile ✧ 「FUUKA」

Siduri yawned, clambering into Sera’s lap to settle comfortably in the well made by her legs. He nudged her palm with the crown of his head, thankful to have her full attention for once after dealing with the unwanted visitor, Cat. And Cat, not to be outdone, butted his head up under her other hand, rubbing his long torso along the exposed skin of her arm. The shaman gave a small giggle coupled with a good natured sigh, moving her fingers to gently scratch Cat’s belly, “Why can’t the two of you get along?” Her eyes suddenly smoked over with sadness, "I promised I would take care of Cat until Nel comes back, remember?"

The grey kitten stilled, his ears twitching and blue eyes seemingly taking in the change in the girl’s emotional state, rubbing his head against her knee. Fingers once again brushed along the soft fur as she set him on his feet and dutifully got back up to stand. The bubbling feeling inside her stomach would only worsen if she dwelled on it too long. Left to their own devices, the two felines followed closely behind the shaman.

She hadn’t gotten too far before she heard a noise that caused her to pause. Drifting over, curiosity once again getting the best of her, she checked the contents of a cardboard box a few feet away. Kittens. There were five of them, crawling over each other and then collapsing, wobbly-legged, into a heap. Sera held her hand out to them, waiting as they sniffed at her fingers tentatively, one of them brave enough to lick her with it’s little pink tongue.


"…Oh goodness-" Quickly scanning the area around her, hoping to find someone for she couldn’t possibly leave them to fend for themselves; but at the same time, she was highly aware that taking in more strays would surely displease Gilgamesh. The young woman spotted another female that appeared close to her age with cropped teal hair, "Um- Excuse me! I’m- I’m so sorry to bother you but have you seen anyone who might have left these kittens here?"

Normal, by dictionary definition, was generally conforming to a standard- something usual, typical, and expected. Something told her that being surrounded by seven mewing kittens was probably not normal.

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forbearance ✧「ELSA」

It was early in the morning, warm rays of sunshine beamed down on the earth as clouds rolled lazily through the sky, causing her to squint her eyes against the light. But she couldn’t help by smile as she looked up, peering at the sunny sky. Sera sat on her knees in between ragged robins and black irises, wind teasing her short raven hair and tickling the hem of her white dress. A rare need for solitude had crept into her, for once welcoming the quiet and stillness that wrapped around her like a comforting quilt. She felt close with the flowers, how deep their roots stretched into her core. 

She closed her eyes and drifted into the depths of an ethereal embrace of data, soft breaths pressing upon the darkness, a steady pulse beneath the skin, barely noticeable but tantamount to existence. Warmth was essential to growing the lotus, requiring much care and patience. Her fingertips barely grazed the water, adjusting the temperature accordingly, hoping to encourage it to bloom within its first season. He didn’t celebrate his birthday but she thought it would be a nice gesture. 

A sudden chill came upon her, frost crystalizing on the surface of the still water. She opened her eyes, pushing her consciousness back into reality, only to find fallen petals left like shattered glass. Her hands skittered out of the water, fear making her fingers twitch and tremble, curious to the cause of the sensation of pain, it’s bite hitting her sensitive nerve endings.


"No… What happened?" Her voice was hushed, whisper falling slowly from her lips. “Please, please… Don’t be ruined.”

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     Little time was given for any objections before the girl’s determination had led her deeper into the crowd; considering the density of the crowd and the girl’s size, the exorcist felt obliged to follow behind in order to assure the girl’s safety. To add, he was now questioning their exact location, which meant that her sense of direction had probably been more thrown off than his own.

     He attempted weaving through people, but he carried out the action with less grace than the girl winding her way through the crowd. Offering curt shoulders to those who hadn’t the decency or awareness to avoid shoving carelessly, he still noted that the girl was far more capable of getting ahead than he was considering the growing gap between the two.  


     Now at about an arm’s length away, he recognized that finding one another would be a nearly impossible task at this rate. Swiftly taking action, he extended his arm out and managed to get a hold of the girl’s hand in order to prevent further separation in the grand crowd. It took him a moment to think anything of it until he realized that the expression was something he hadn’t offered since his early youth. Nevertheless, it seemed to be the only means to avert further dividing as well as the shoving that the girl seemed to be experiencing. The swordsman had managed to find himself next to her and would soon get a step in front of her while maintaining contact with the other in order to evade another separation.


     ”Che, just follow behind me so you don’t get lost or pushed around.” With a quiet sigh, he guided her forward despite having no real direction in mind. Despite how futile it seemed looking for the stand, exiting the crowd of people would have similar difficulty. “Just tell me if you find what you’re looking for or whatever.”

Sera tried to stay in place, but people kept knocking into her, once so hard that the unfinished fruit fell from her hand, sweeping her away farther from her intended destination and the exorcist. Feeling her hand caught in someone’s grip, a shot of adrenaline rushed through her, heart fluttering in anticipation to make her escape. Instinctively, she spun her head around only to meet dark expressive eyes.

His voice was low, but not angry, being forthright as usual. There was a small intake of air, eyes flickering to the hold he had on her, blush warming her cheeks. She nodded her assent to his words, biting her lower lip in an effort to calm her staccato breaths. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t have happened, she told herself, he’s just making sure I don’t get lost. She fell instep, letting him lead her.


Now that they were walking beside one another in the sanguine chaos, she eased her hand more comfortably into his, her small digits unable to compare to his long fingers. The strength in his hand didn’t surprise her. He held her hand the only way he knew how: tightly, like the clenched fingers of a fist; but it was so warm and pleasantly tingly that she allowed herself a fleeting hope that he wouldn’t let go anytime soon.

Gaze wandered, not sure where she was suppose to look until they fell upon the one thing she had been looking for. “Kanda!” She smiled like she had great news, “It’s Miss Tanaka!” The name fell from her lips with familiarity, a woman who considered the both of them regulars to her small restaurant that served soba to the swordsman’s particular tastes. Still holding his hand, she hurried him to the stand as if it would disappear and giving the woman a kind smile, politely asked, “May I please have the usual?” 

The shaman’s excitement was vibrant as she saw the woman slide a steaming bowl of soba in front of him, cooked just so and delicately flavored to perfection. She picked up a pair of wooden chopsticks, offering them to him, smiling brightly, “I’m so happy that we found some.” 


A massive red burst noisily exploded overhead, startling her. Studying the sky, a moment later the darkness was filled again with rainbow colored ribbons, sight greeted by gasps and shouts of delight from the people surrounding them, “Oh! The fireworks!” The colors reflected on her pale skin, casting her face in a mix of shadows and light, eyes watching in wonder. "We can see them from here!"

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This girl, so seemingly harmless and yet so incredibly dangerous at the same time. She's a disastrous gift to humanity.

subject 019: seraphita angel
location: housing in sector oo5 with gilgamesh
rank: savior
abilities: can sing prayer & possesses unlimited use of data manipulation
jobs: hostess at just desserts & personal assistant to charles xavier
pet: a rescued tabby named siduri
tracked tag: cybershaman

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「stray child」