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✧ 「 I can see the light at the end of my draft box but it is my solemn duty to burrow back into the darkness! Okay, so lists make me super happy and organize the mess that is my brain so check this it homies, I made one~ I even installed a cool little do-dad on my main page that displays updates on what’s going on my draft box since we all know I sometimes take a little TOO long, kinda to make sure we stay on the same page! Hi there, have we met? My name is Pixel and I tend to ramble. Anyways, if I’m missing anything or maybe if you want to discuss the possibility of threading together, feel free to message me! Just please be aware that I work 70+ hours a week so my responses might not be timely, but I will try my hardest to make sure they’ll be answered! 」

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┌It had been so long… since she had spoken to Sera, really it felt like she drifted far away from everyone in the city, excluding Izumo and Wendy… It was nice to actually see a familiar face after everything that’s been happening in the city… Anna moved to to sit down with a bright smile. Sera was really nice, Anna put on a bright smile and gave a nod.┘

"I’d like that. …Tea’s all right."

┌Legs kicked back and forth, hands grabbing ad the edge of her chair and she leaned forward a little bit. It was nice here. Anna noted with a short glance around. Why she had never come here before was curious to her. It wasn’t as though she spent her time doing too much anyway.┘

"I missed you…"

┌The albino’s voice was soft, almost sounding embarrassed to actually admit her own feelings. It wasn’t something she did too often, even if the being in the city allowed her to slowly open up more. Eyes turned to stare at the table, it was still a little difficult to figure out how to make proper conversation, so she just shifted awkwardly where she sat.┘

I missed you too, Anna.And she meant it.

Spending time with Anna was something that she’d always looked forward to, having on a few occasions considered seeking out the girl on her own, but self-imposed responsibilities held her back; rooted her firmly to the cafe, to the house. In her neglect, she had allowed so much to transpire and the shaman wondered if she’d be able to make it up to the younger girl. 

She snapped to attention. Excitement flourished and ran through her veins, her body perking up at an idea. Ah- you said tea, right? You know… that works out perfectly. I think I have just the thing in mind for us to share, actually.It was an offer sealed with a smile and slender fingers curled into the edge of her seat before she got up. I’ll be right back.

A few minutes later, she returned with a tray with two red teacups and two different teapots, placing it on the table. Smoothing a doily into place, Sera made certain the glass teapot she set on top looked presentable, and slowly withdrew. I’ve been saving this for a special occasion. I’m almost certain that you were meant to see it with me. Look…She took the smaller teapot, pouring hot liquid into the wide base glass. 


When the shaman first witnessed it, she had been convinced that magic had to have been involved and she was hopeful Anna would feel like that too. The tea bundle inside the water unfurled, revealing a delicate red flower hidden within. Isn’t it beautiful? Once it reaches full bloom, we can enjoy our cup of tea… It should just be a few minutes.❞ 

She moved to sit across from Anna and made a quiet, pleased hum, There’s so much to talk about, I don’t even know where to start. The last time we spoke properly was sometime in November… How have things been for you? Anything exciting?

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interiusincendium whispered:
Finds herself braiding in a flower within her hair. Not surprisingly, Schu finds herself happy whenever she's around the woman. They haven't officially done anything together, but perhaps she could change that.


Sitting leisurely with her legs folded beneath her, her own fingers were curled uselessly into the fabric of her white dress. Head bowed, she raised a hand to tuck some of the longer strands behind the curve of her ear.  Inhaling slowly, collecting air like courage, Sera allowed the serenity of the moment quiet her weary mind. 

❝Ah-Thank you, Schu…❞

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"Aww shit! I haven’t had a blueberry muffin in like…hm…I dunno, a really long time! They smell amazing, have I said that before? Ugh never mind just get into my mouth!"

ZZ took one of the muffins and joyfully bit into it, the cinnamon and blueberries complimented each other so well and left this ethereal feeling of rapturous joy and love on his tongue

It reminded him of his mom

Tears of joy streamed down his cheeks as he stuffed the rest of the muffin into his mouth and sucked the remaining crumbs and blueberry juice off of his fingers


A hot blush bloomed in her cheeks at his response. There was still a vivid surprise knocking at her insides, preventing her from truly believing his words. She was nowhere used to dealing with people who were so animated and expressive, considering how often she was found in the company of more gruff and aloof individuals. But after a few seconds, the shaman couldn’t help but giggle, grey eyes glowing with such a pure, indubitable sense of happiness.

❝Oh goodness! D-Do you really think so? I mean, um, I-I wouldn’t be upset if you told me the truth… Honest feedback will in the long run benefit everyone. It’s just I didn’t expect such a positive response. I’m still rather new to this…

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"It seems as though the citizens of this city have little care for the value of morals. Or perhaps they’ve chosen to rebel and show that they value their worth more than they do societal oppression. What do you think, child of man?"

This girl seemed the least likely to participate in any of this madness. As such, Featherine felt most drawn towards her for a bit of intellectual conversation in the midst of all this nudity and madness. Of course, she also found the stripping to be amusing in it’s own way.

There was something about the woman before her that made her want to listen and know just who she was, but there was also something that made her want to pull away, out of what she supposed could be her natural anxiety towards strangers. Her lips part and close, taking a moment to register the words spoken. Deep down, she wanted the affirmation that she was preforming the role expected of her correctly.


❝…I-I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to say for certain. Because um, it’s easy to see someone and simply take their actions for what they appear at face value… B-But the answer to that sort of question won’t be found, or much less understood, until you get to know them better as an individual…?

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Lucky enough for her, ZZ had the self confidence of a brain dead mouse and was still fully clothed…well…if a muscle shirt with no midriff, baggy pants, and shoes a size too big for his feet counted as clothed then so be it.

"A-Ahh shit that smells amazing! What is it?"

She honestly hadn’t expected someone to take up the offer so quickly. Curious eyes looked at the man for a moment, but pink lips curled upwards, softening the features of her face. She reached out the tray towards him with a nervous smile, hoping the treat wouldn’t disappoint.  

❝Ah… Um, blueberry muffins, sir. I-I’ve been trying to find a good balance between the cinnamon and brown sugar to compliment the tartness of the berries. Would you like to try some…?

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As if on cue, she had slipped outside to offer samples of a new recipe she was working on to people who passed by the cafe. The golden crust and the aroma was enough to make anyone’s stomach rumble or at least she hoped. But perhaps, right now was a less than opportune time to ask for opinions…


Oh… I-I suppose I should wait until things settle again…

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imbrication ✧「AOI」


Nature, oh, how out of touch he was with the plants and the animals. His life’s path had been mired in the sciences and the urban and chaos, never coming close to the scent of roses. But now that he was here in a place where the possibilities truly were endless, he had all the time in the world to make up for what he had lost—

The sound of bells ringing lulled him back to his university days where he made himself scarce and only ever partook in the social realm as a means to an end. Beyond the politics and traversing interpersonal relationships that had to be held at an arm’s length, he had not been much of a busybody, preferring the company of books and the like if only because inked words could never lash out at him. People were people and fiction was fiction, the latter of which was static and unchanging and thereby predictable, if only because people could never replicate the complexities and layers of breathing pulsing flesh.

He stared hard at the flowers from which he took his name as if a focused gaze would burn their image into his retinas - to replace the other horrors that lurked there. He breathed.

A soft and gentle voice, one that sounded like it was thinking out loud, caught his attention. That was right. He had wandered here to enjoy the calm and tranquility he could ill afford back then. Then again, even now, peace seemed a scant resource. Perhaps it was better, then, that he left the other witness to nature to her thoughts.

As he moved to leave, his foot caught upon a twig and snapped in half like the crack of a bone, unpleasant and alarming.


He bit on his tongue and forced himself around, calling out to her, “You’ve good taste in flowers. You know what these are called?” He had only made out bits and pieces of her self-reflection and felt that something so personal made for a bad conversation starter. At least, on first meeting.

Empathy could be painful; feeling too connected to everything, responsible for too much. In crowds, Sera tended to let the people blur together and fall away. It was easier, keeping their faces from flooding her senses. The world was far too large, and at times, she couldn’t handle it all at once. But she never wanted to be closed off again, trapped within white rooms and surrounded by monitors beeping so loudly and insistently she couldn’t sleep. She needed to adjust, find the distinct difference from being alone and being lonely. Here she was just a fading figure among the meticulously arranged flowers of the garden. She found comfort in their company.

More quelled by the thought than the words she had spoken to herself earlier, she paused at hearing a small snap. Wariness enveloped her along with a touch of fright as she turned, seeing a somewhat familiar face. Fingers reactively curled at her chest, urging her heart to return to steady beats, but thankfully the tension in her body drained. She remembered they had spoken briefly before. Brows rose and her lips pulled into a subdued smile, nothing extravagant, merely an attempt to distract him from her previous emotion, but remaining genuine. 


Oh- Um, thank you… Yes, they’re called hollyhocks, if I’m not mistaken.She kneeled down to confirm, tracing a finger along the engraved letters on cool metal. Her expression lit up with delight, Ah, I’m right! I-I’ve been studying hoping to be able to identify flowers without having to look down at the plaques… To test myself, I suppose. I know it’s a bit silly…

The shaman tilted her head up in consideration, curious eyes meeting his, Are these your favorite?

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✧ 「 Hello!~ I’ve returned and I’m happy to say that everything went really well. My great grandmother is on track towards her recovery and I’m back home safe and sound. Thank you so much for all the kind words and positive thoughts! Now I’mma try and catch up on some things before I doze off~ ALSO… I’m really sorry for the confusion! A few people thought I was online when my queue posted on Monday. I got a few messages that day. Oops. ; u ; 」

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This girl, so seemingly harmless and yet so incredibly dangerous at the same time. She's a disastrous gift to humanity.

subject 019: seraphita angel
location: housing in sector oo5 with gilgamesh
rank: savior
abilities: can sing prayer & possesses unlimited use of data manipulation
jobs: manager at just desserts & personal assistant to charles xavier
pet: a rescued tabby named siduri
tracked tag: cybershaman

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「stray child」